Quick cosmetic renovation and resale in middle-class suburb

Malanshof, Johannesburg

This 3 bed 2 bath property required only a cosmetic renovation, which included painting, new carpets, cleaning up the garden, and acid washing the pool. The property received an offer within 15 days of the purchase, and the whole project – from purchase to sale – took less than 3 months. The project return on investment was 24%. The investor funded this deal through bank financing, and only had to put down R11 997 of his own money. The profit on the project was R256 988, for a whopping return on equity of 2142% in less than 3 months!

3 Beds 

2 Baths

2 Lounges 

2 Garages


This ROI of this project was 24% over just 3 months…
resulting in a staggering return on equity of 2142%

Use the map to get an idea of the area. For security purposes we have not identified the actual property on the map.

The Numbers

Total capital investment    R1 051 593
Net income    R1 308 581
Net profit    R256 988
Project duration (Months) 2.78
Project ROI     24%
Investor equity    R11 997
Project ROE    2142%

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