Quaint Rehab

SW Atlanta, GA 30311

Our borrower turned this property from a 2 bed 1 bath, 1,108 sq.ft home into a 3 bed 2 bath home by having added approximately 500 sq.ft. YDL’s loan was for $133,508, of which $82,000 was retained to fund the rehab (payments were made based on progress). The loan was secured by a first lien against the property, personal guarantees by the borrower, and the retention of the rehab loan amount. The project took just under 6 months, and the borrower sold the property for $207,500. YDL’s gross annualised return was 20%.

1600 Sq.ft.

3 Beds 

2 Baths

This $133,508 loan was backed by a first-lien and personal sureties.
Its gross annualised return was 20%.

Use the map to get an idea of the area. For security purposes we have not identified the actual property on the map.

The Numbers

Loan Type Rehab
Loan amount $133,508
Loan duration (Months) 5.6
Origination points 4%
Interest rate 12%
Gross return over loan period 10%
Gross annualised return 20%

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