New Construction Project

SW Marietta, GA 30064

This was a new construction project.

We bought the lot for a mere $30,793 and erected a 3 bed 2 bath, 2,000 sq.ft home with a double garage.

The property was built and sold within 6 months, for an annualised investor return of 36.67%.

2000 Sq.ft.

3 Beds 

2 Baths

2 Lounges 

2 Garages


Our investor’s return on equity was 18.08% on an investment of $50,033. 
The annualised return was 36.67%

Use the map to get an idea of the area. For security purposes we have not identified the actual property on the map.

The Numbers

Purchase price (of lot)    $30,793
Construction cost  $96,938
Sales price    $172,500
Project duration (Months) 6.0
Investor equity    $50,033
Investor profit $9,048
Investor ROE    18.08%
Annualised investor ROE 36.67%

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