Cosmetic Rehab

Acworth, Atlanta GA

This split level property on a lovely wooded erf was bought for $92,000, and resold for $159,900 after a partial cosmetic rehab.

The investor only put $35,406 into the property, for a return on equity of 24.32% (58.89% annualised).

1896 Sq.ft.

4 Beds 

3 Baths

3 Lounges 

2 Garages


Our investor earned a 24,32% return on an investment of $35,406.
The project took just over 5 months

Use the map to get an idea of the area. For security purposes we have not identified the actual property on the map.

The Numbers

Purchase price $92,000
Renovation cost  $22,038
Sales price    $159,900
Project duration (Months) 5.2
Investor equity    $36,652
Investor profit $8,912
Investor ROE    24.32%
Annualised investor ROE 58.89%

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