A steal at well below replacement cost

SW Atlanta, GA 30315

This 3 bed 2.5 bath property was bought with a sitting tenant. It has a garage, which is very unusual for this area and price point. The total acquisition cost was only $48,050, which made it very affordable from a South African investor perspective. This was an incredible purchase in that the replacement cost of the property at the time was around $110,000. The community has a swimming pool and a clubhouse. We had to honour the existing lease, but the market rental was quite a bit higher.

1470 Sq.ft.

3 Beds 

2.5 Baths

This very affordable property was bought for an initial net yield of 10%

Use the map to get an idea of the area. For security purposes we have not identified the actual property on the map.

The Numbers

Total capital investment $48,050
Gross monthly rent $775
Monthly operating expenses $356
Net monthly rental $419
Initial net yield 10%

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