Three keys to identifying a property investment expert

Most of us are not seasoned investors. And while we may be very good at the things we do that made us the money in the first place, we probably aren’t investment gurus.

Even seasoned investors may not be particularly well versed in offshore property investments. Yet when it comes to an investment that combines a rand hedge with a fairly high return, investing in offshore property is hard to beat.

Investments are a lot of fun. There. We said it. There’s something electrifying about having worked hard, saved wisely, and finally reaching that space where you can make your money work for you.

But they’re a lot less fun if – for any reason – the money doesn’t do what you hope it will.

After all, even the safest investments carry a good deal of risk.

This is why we need to know our money is in good hands. It’s the reason we rely on experts in the field. This is a smart move, and can make all the difference between an investment that pays, and one that costs … a lot.

So how do we choose an investment expert worth his salt?

A trustworthy and effective company needs to demonstrate that they’ve got these three keys RIGHT:

  • Systems and Controls
  • Practise and Experience
  • Expertise
systems and procedures
systems and procedures

Systems and Controls

Experienced investment professionals know how good investments work. They understand the entire process – from securing your initial investment, to selecting the best possible property in the best possible area, to remodelling it, selecting agents, and finally selling it.

A good way to get this right – and to do so consistently – is to develop and maintain systems that ensure that no box is left unchecked. This involves building solid relationships with seasoned professionals. It requires in-depth understanding of the various systems and procedures on both sides of the ocean. Property regulations, tax controls, legal ramifications and government stipulations all need to be considered carefully. Without a clear understanding of how these systems work – and fit together – an investment can fall apart before it even starts.

Practise and Experience

The more we do a thing, the better we become at it. This is true whether you’re striving to become a concert pianist, or working on your archery aim. It applies as much to writing the world’s greatest novel as it does to balancing the books of a listed company. Practise may not make perfect. But it does make us experienced.

An investment specialist with experience knows what works and what doesn’t. He knows where to look, who to contract, and how to handle every aspect of the transaction. He knows, because he has literally been there and done that. A so-called specialist who can’t demonstrate his experience cannot guarantee results of any kind.


Expertise comprises many facets. First of all, there’s the deep understanding of the investments on a philosophical level. But a true expert will have invested time and energy – and probably a good deal of money – into understanding the way things work as comprehensively as possible.

An expert investor will be thoroughly versed in property law both in the US and SA. He will have a broad understanding of the tax implications of all the possible decisions involved in flipping property for profit in the States – and what that means for the South African investor.

A seasoned specialist will know which areas yield the best results – and he will keep a vigilant eye on the ever-changing market.

At the end of the day, a true professional will ensure that your investment is as safe and profitable as it can possibly in the volatile, exciting property investment space.

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