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The process of buying, renovating a property with the intent to sell it for a profit, is commonly known as ‘flipping’.  Flipping properties has become quite popular over the past decade, likely stimulated by a wealth of reality television shows that are focused on the topic.

While the reality shows might make it look simple enough, often the purchaser of the property can land themselves in trouble. Suppliers and contractors can let you down, stoppages or delays on the site mean you could find yourself covering costs for much longer than expected. In particular when you’re looking at purchasing an international property to flip, a lack of local knowledge, and insufficient hands-on management of the project (due to distance), can result in unforeseen costs, and low, or no, return on your investment.

Working with a partner like YDL Property Investment means that you have access not only to some of the best-priced, high-quality properties on the market, it ensures that you have access to local, and international real estate expertise.  

YDL’s professional team has more than fifteen years’ experience in selecting, purchasing, renovating and selling properties.  We’re able to give you expert advice on where, when and what to spend your money on, and we manage the entire process for you, from concept to completion.

Most of our ‘flipping’ deals are existing properties that we buy and renovate before selling them on. This is almost always the model we use for a single investor deal, on occasion however, we do purchase a piece of land, and design and build a brand new property.

Flipping - Past Deals

Private Lending-Wholesale (USA)
Great return over 21 days
Buy-to-Let (USA)
A steal at well below replacement cost
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